Monday, 5 May 2014

My Favourite Place

Can you guess where I've been this weekend?

(Sony DSLR a200)


My favourite place ever! There are so many people and it is lively and exciting but at the same time it is so relaxing and chilled out. For me, Brighton feels like somewhere you can just be yourself and not many people care about who you are or what you're doing- which is quite different to Portsmouth! It may still be the same and I am an outsider looking in. One of the things that I love about Brighton is that there are so many random things that can put a smile on your face instantly! For example; a man dressed up as a dog talking to people on the streets for entertainment, and even a man with a horse hat just casually walking the streets with not a care in the world! However, one of my favourite things about walking along Brighton 'strip' (if you can call it that?) is seeing people sharing their talent! There were an outstanding about of people singing or doing illusions but two talents that completely struck me where: 1) a man playing guitar 2) 3 young boys dancing to any songs that were suggested by their audience. The confidence and talent that they had was amazing!! (I didn't take any photos of the boys dancing, sorry!)

I personally think Brighton is such a beautiful place, I looked at sixth form colleges in Brighton and was willing to go to college there but sadly none of them offered a suitable course set for the subjects I would like to study! I certainly will be visiting Brighton a lot more this summer and I can't wait! It truly is GORGEOUS.