Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Future Tag

My Future Tag

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years? Wow. I would probably like to be on a beach somewhere with a cocktail and a huge smile on my face, but overall? I want to be happy. I want to be in an emotional state where I don't have to worry about major things, such as bills and family life. In ten years, I would like to be settled into a job, which I love and am passionate about, whatever it may be. I would like to have a good car and be in my own place, whether it be a modern flat or a nice house. 

Do you want to get married?
If I am honest, I don't really know. I probably do want to get married but that is a scary thought at the moment! 

Do you want to have children?
Uhm, this has always been a thing that has always been a no-go for me, I don't know why. I have never wanted children growing up, and I have never really had a true reason why. However, recently I have become rather broody and have decided I would probably like children, actually child. I honestly would only want one, haha!

Do you want to move? If yes, Where?
Ok, I currently live in Portsmouth in the UK and its okay, but I don't want to be stuck here forever. If I move, I would love to move to Brighton (My favourite place) or centre London! The busy city life is really exciting for me! However, if possible, I would love to move to America and live in New York or California, but that seems almost impossible. (ALWAYS DREAM BIG). 

What does your dream house look like?
Can I just have Kim Kardashians house please? I honestly don't know what my dream house looks like, just something modern with a big garden and a gorgeous kitchen! 

What is your dream job?
I think I am failing this survey because I can't keep saying 'I dont know' haha! Well, a job is obviously a big part of your life, that goes without saying, I suppose I would like a job that will bring me success and a comfortable standard of living. I would like something exciting and that brings something new everyday! Also, travelling would be a bonus. 

What are five things you want to do before you die?
1// I want to have a weird and exciting job, just for a few months but something weird? I don't know?
2// I want to help out and do charity work in Africa, that is a big big big dream of mine.
3// I want to visit at least 6 different American States. If not, all!
4// I would like to graduate from university or work in an extremely cool business, very high up.
5// I want to be successful, happy and overwhelmed. That is how I want to feel every day when I wake up.

Are you scared of the future?
I wouldn't say I am scared of the future, I would say I am scared of failing. I think I am scared of having to deal with the things that come along with growing up.

What's your biggest dream you would like to achieve in life?
This is a big question that I wouldn't even know where to start. I don't have one dream in particular but I would like to do things that will make me happy and proud of myself!

What would be your ideal age to die?
Erm? I'll leave that one for another day..

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

Okay, well I will begin with apologising for the horrible photo quality. Something just isn't right with my camera at the moment, and i will be getting it looked at within the next week (I hope!) and I will let everyone know what will be going on with my blog from now..

I am hoping to be uploading a post once a week but due to commitments else where it may be every fortnight. I've not blogged for a long time and I have been researching into other peoples blogs to find what sort of swing I would like to have.. 

My aim is to upload each Monday or Wednesday, I'm not sure yet. I have lots of posts lined up and I can't wait to share them. So sorry for not blogging, but I am back and I wont be leaving again :)

So, this week I have chosen to review my absolute favourite foundation, I am beginning to gather a collection of foundations but this is at the top of my list! I just love it.

I have used this foundation now for around 2 years and I can't get enough of it, I have so many empties left of this product in my make up draw!

I chose Shade 100- ivory as it best suits my skin tone, it also has an SPF 15 which means it is a great foundation to wear in the summer and on holiday. It gives such great coverage and it is very light which makes you feel a lot more free than wearing a thick foundation which is just not great in high heats. I feel that where this foundation is light, it lasts a lot longer. I've been using this one for almost 8 months! I would say it lasts for around 6/8 hours before having to reapply or touch up with powder (I recommend Rimmer Stay Matte). 

I don't know if anybody else has experienced this but when you get to the end of the bottle does it become quite dry? Its just that I find it does :( 

I feel that this foundation is best for a natural and light look and I recommend it to anyone! You can find the Wake Me Up foundation in all drugstore shops such as superdrug and boots:

Some online stores such as Feel Unique sell this too:

I also find that the foundation is best applied with a Mac 187 brush:

Thank you,

Tiff x

- this is not a sponsored post and none of the links are affliate links-

Monday, 5 May 2014

My Favourite Place

Can you guess where I've been this weekend?

(Sony DSLR a200)


My favourite place ever! There are so many people and it is lively and exciting but at the same time it is so relaxing and chilled out. For me, Brighton feels like somewhere you can just be yourself and not many people care about who you are or what you're doing- which is quite different to Portsmouth! It may still be the same and I am an outsider looking in. One of the things that I love about Brighton is that there are so many random things that can put a smile on your face instantly! For example; a man dressed up as a dog talking to people on the streets for entertainment, and even a man with a horse hat just casually walking the streets with not a care in the world! However, one of my favourite things about walking along Brighton 'strip' (if you can call it that?) is seeing people sharing their talent! There were an outstanding about of people singing or doing illusions but two talents that completely struck me where: 1) a man playing guitar 2) 3 young boys dancing to any songs that were suggested by their audience. The confidence and talent that they had was amazing!! (I didn't take any photos of the boys dancing, sorry!)

I personally think Brighton is such a beautiful place, I looked at sixth form colleges in Brighton and was willing to go to college there but sadly none of them offered a suitable course set for the subjects I would like to study! I certainly will be visiting Brighton a lot more this summer and I can't wait! It truly is GORGEOUS.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Random Photo Tag

Okay, so for this tag you have to find your fourth photo in your photo file and explain it. 

Mine was a photo of my youngest sister on Christmas day 2011. She had got a new pram and insisted we went out for a walk with her new dolls as well! This is also when I first got my camera, so I took the opportunity to take some photos thinking I was a professional photographer (Haha embarrassing!). The pram is a vintage silver cross. 

This photo was taken on a DSLR Sony a200

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

25 Question Tag

After reading a friends blog I was inspired to do the 25 question tag.. Enjoy :)

What is your middle name?: Teresa (after my nan!)

What is your favourite subject at school?: History & Science

What is your favourite drink?: Flavoured water at the moment, im obsessed!

What is your favourite song at the moment?: Lifehouse // You and Me 

What is your favourite food?: Pasta!!

What is the last thing you bought?: Raspberry and Cranberry flavoured water

What is your favourite book?: Looking for Alaska or The Wolf of Wall Street

Favourite colour?: Pale coral/pink 

Do you have any pets?: 3! A dog and two cats.

Do you have a best friend?: Of course! 

Favourite perfume?: Beyonce - Heat

Favourite Holiday?: Disneyland with Nanny

Are you married?: Nope

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, a few

Do you speak any other languages?: No :( 

How many siblings do you have?: 3, younger brother and two younger sisters

What is your favourite shop?: Missguided or Topshop

Favourite restaurant?: Nandos

When was the last time you cried?: Yesterday

Favourite Blog?: Zoe Sugg 

Favourite Movie?: The Wolf of Wall Street, LOL, Dirty Dancing or Grease

Favourite Tv Show?: Skins, American Horror Story

PC or Mac?: PC

What phone do you have?: Samsung Galaxy Ace 4.. until I broke it, yesterday.

How tall are you?: 5ft 1 maybe?

How old are you?: I'm 16 


I have started using Polyvore to style outfits which I love! It is just a bit of fun, however you can find some really good outfits on there that can inspire you to create yourself. I follow many people on Polyvore who upload daily styles, which give me inspiration. If you are looking to buy a new pair of jeans or a shirt and you don't know what to style it with then you can just type it into Polyvore and it will most probably come up with some way you can style them. You can find me here. My favourite sets I have made so far are:

Polyvore offers products from popular high street stores to the best designer things. You can also use it to plan make up looks and room designs. To see more of my sets then just click on my Polyvore profile.

John Green

You have probably already heard of John Green but if you haven't yet then he is an excellent author. (He also makes YouTube videos with his brother Hank). When TFIOS blew up on tumblr in 2013 I purchased a copy and instantly fell in love with the characters. I finished the book within the space of 2 days because I just couldn't put it down. After TFIOS I started to watch how many other people fell in love with it, I lent the book to my friends and family and everyone fell in love with the book too! For Christmas I received the John Green collection, and it was undoubtedly my favourite present of all. I re-read TFIOS for the fourth time and got started on Looking for Alaska. Looking for Alaska is one of my favourite books, and I think that it should be made into a movie after the success that TFIOS is going to get when it is released in June 2014. 
I can not recommend these books enough as the language and style that John Green uses is amazing. 
The books in this set are:
The Fault in Our Stars
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
An Abundance of Katherines
Paper Towns
Looking for Alaska

John Green can also be found on: